Elderly, the approach to be taken for a serene summer

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With the arrival of hot weather is important to know the steps to take to protect the health of those most at risk, particularly the elderly.

The main factors that can cause disturbances to heat are: age, unaccustomed to high temperatures, taking particular medications, drinking little, limitation of motion in the elderly and intense exercise and protracted .

It takes a series of simple behavioral habits and preventive measures that can help to significantly reduce the risks associated with dehydration to live a serene summer.
One of the basic rules and avoid going outdoors during the hottest hours ie from 11.00 to 18.00. If you go out during the hottest hours must wear light clothes, light and non-members and protect your head with a hat and eyes with sunglasses; also it is advisable to protect the skin from sunburn with a sunscreen with a high SPF.

It 'a good idea to close the windows during the day and open them during the coolest hours of the day (evening and night). If you use the air conditioning, to be used by taking some precautions to avoid health consequences; the temperature should be set between 24 ° C - 26 ° C.

In the elderly can be recommended on the hottest days, the intake of 1.5-2 liters or more of fluid per day. It 'good that you take them, especially if the weather conditions are particularly sultry, takes place gradually throughout the day and before bed. Avoid drinking alcohol and limit your intake of carbonated beverages or too cold. Eat light foods and preferably with high water content (fruits and vegetables).

In several cities have enabled services to support older people to make them feel less alone because if for many synonymous with summer and holiday for others, especially for the most vulnerable and fragile, summer means hot, loneliness, lack of services on territory, city empty, strong sun, temperature changes, dehydration and heat stroke.

For this reason, in the case of heat stroke and dehydration, you should call your doctor, lie down with legs raised, leaning a bag of ice or a wet cloth on the forehead and drink plenty of water.


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