Enervit, the integrator for a summer to sport

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With the arrival of summer and rising temperatures, increasing the desire to play sports, not just the usual sports, but also for lazy people who decide to get going to tone your body, but you have to be careful because go from inactivity to an intense workout can lead to problems with joints, bones and even muscles that are subjected to unexpected efforts.

To get in shape in a natural way, just follow a few tips and useful: 
Dedicate himself to the sport in the cooler hours of the day (early morning or in the evening); 
Maintain a good diet that provides all the essential nutrients, carbohydrates to proteins, vitamins for good fats. 
Constantly hydrated by drinking every 15-20 minutes during exercise and allowing himself snacking on fruit. 
A great help to counteract the waste of energy are energy supplements, talk about Enervit, the most complete line on the market, which accompanies the athlete in all phases of: from preparation to post-training. 
Before exercise, there are specific supplements to provide greater energy and to optimize the availability of carbohydrates and water reserves, during the course of the workout instead, shows the line Enervit with fructose, maltodextrin and mineral salts, useful for replenish the losses given by sweating and fatigue. Finally, the line of supplements of vitamin C and vitamin B6, which supplement the normal metabolism of protein and glycogen, is used especially after sports to improve muscle efficiency and deficiencies hydro-saline. 
The continuous studies and field observation Equipe Enervit led to the creation of a line of energy supplements ideal for all types of training and competitive level, ensuring even the most expert, products can make a valuable support in all phases of the sport.


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