Stop the swollen and heavy legs

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The fatigue in the legs, swollen ankles, and capillaries in evidence are the classic symptoms of "heavy legs" that occur especially in the evening after a day in which it was left standing for a long time, in the days before the cycle menstrual and summer.

Both sedentary work in the office as a job that forces you to stay very long standing can cause circulation problems and then determine the classical sense of heaviness in the lower limbs which particularly affects women. 
All these problems can be alleviated by small practical devices and some natural remedies that can help to give a new vitality to the legs. 
The choice of the foods that we consume plays an important role in the prevention and the choice of eating lighter and with moderate use of condiments can be the first step towards improving the circulation and strengthening blood vessel walls. 
Strawberries, currants and blueberries, kiwi and citrus fruits play a positive both in terms of circulation, either by helping the body in its purification process. During periods when the troublesome symptoms are more prevalent, particularly in cases where the swelling is accompanied by tingling, it is ideal to drink a cup in the morning and one in the evening of the infusion kernel, whose leaves have constant action flebotonica in the time that reduces the pain leading to a decrease of the swelling. 
A preventive measure is also important to perform a gymnastics 'sweet' which provides walks and a few simple exercises to do at any convenient place, useful to reactivate the blood circulation and help the return of venous blood. Good rule, during the summer season, is engage in a walk even short at the end of the day, with heels of 2-3 cm and clothes that do not cover the legs, light and little stretch. 
At the end it is recommended that a jet of cold water on your legs and lie down immediately after taking the legs vertically rest against the wall for about a minute. During periods of increased discomfort, treat yourself to a massage with the application of a draining mud; give relief to your body, especially if it leads a sedentary lifestyle. 

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