Stings and insect bites

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Stings and bites from insects are the order of the day in the warmer seasons, when spending more time outdoors and walking at dusk and in the evening, make the last stop the annoying insects and their bites cause us irritation, itching and swelling.

There are harmless insects that cause only minor annoyances and bugs that can cause allergic reactions and disorders more or less accentuated. The bites of these insects (bees, wasps and hornets) are the most painful and in subjects allergic reactions can get very serious. In place of the puncture quickly forms a patch swollen, red and painful, the pain disappears within 2 hours, and the swelling may increase again for 24 hours. 
In the event of a puncture, it should be immediately removed any sting and ice should be applied. If the symptoms go beyond those described above, you should call your doctor or go to the emergency room. 
Mosquitoes, fleas, lice, sand flies and horseflies bite to eat and their side effects are mild, tending to disappear within two days. 
The humidity, the heat and the smell of our skin are all factors that attract mosquitoes and other insects and to keep them away and live peaceful days and quiet you need to adopt and follow a few simple steps. 
At home, in front of windows or over the bed, use bed nets to protect the environment in which we live. 
We recommend dressing preferably with light colored clothing and use clothing or long pants, because dark colors attract insects and turned on. 
Before traveling in areas with high risk of infection for diseases from insect bites is important to consult a doctor to receive all the necessary information for drugs or vaccines that can reduce the chances of contracting an infectious disease or parasite. 
In addition to these recommendations it is useful to buy the classic repellents applied to the skin or directly on the clothes, inseparable companions of the summer outdoors. 
There are also numerous product lines, for the little ones, based on natural ingredients that exploiting the properties of some plants to keep the mosquitoes away (Citronella, Geranium and Eucalyptus) and to refresh and give instant relief to irritated skin by the bite (Malva, Calendula, Aloe and Chamomile). 
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