The healing properties of Black Currant

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The Black Currant is a fruit with strong anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties, in fact, the substances contained in it are able to block temporarily the immune system reaction that gives rise to allergies, but also to asthma, bronchitis, conjunctivitis and pharyngitis.

The beneficial effects of black currant can be matched to those derived from the use of steroid-based drugs. The extract of the buds of the plant (gemmoderivato), it acts just like cortisone and for this, it can be used as a natural cure in case of conjunctivitis, persistent sore throat and other seasonal allergies. 
The buds act as stimulants on inflammations of the adrenal glands, making the body produce cortisol. The latter is a hormone similar to cortisone, this is a cortisone endogenous non-invasive for the body. 
The benefits of black currants are many: the buds, berries and the leaves, in fact, are rich in elements that are very important for our health. The leaves for example, are used for the preparation of infusions and tinctures mother with diuretic effect useful for reducing the rate of cholesterol in the blood. 
In the case of seasonal allergies, the drops are useful if taken as a preventative from the two months prior to the onset of the allergy potential and then throughout the critical period. In these cases it can also associate another anti-allergic natural as Perilla, to ensure that the cure is more efficient and effective. 
Although the berries are a blessing, thanks to the diuretic and detoxifying the cells and toxins to fight and finally also the nectar is a valuable ally, is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and malic acid. A good glass of blackcurrant juice, helps to strengthen the defenses, purifies the body and fights water retention and cellulite.


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