Regenerate the skin after the summer

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During the summer holidays we allow hours of carefree relaxation and spending long days in the sun, salt spray and wind, and often forgetting that these factors are often the worst enemies of our skin, especially the face. 

After the summer the skin is found dehydrated and marked by small spots caused by excessive exposure to the sun without proper protection factor.

Al re-entry from vacation it is always advisable undergo at a check up of the skin and rely to the advice of an expert to get an immediate analysis diagnostics of the skin. 
Through the test will be able to know the state of health of the skin, all the characteristics of pH, level of hydration, tone, firmness, very important indications for and intervene in appropriate ways and decide which medical aesthetic treatment-choose to restore the beauty of the face. 

The oxygen, for example, is a treatment with which the skin is subjected to the supply of pure oxygen. The oxygen infusion care and visibly reduces various skin problems such as wrinkles, expression lines, blemishes and skin imperfections caused by acne. 
The radio frequency that determines a non-invasive remodeling of tissues with a particularly effective action to combat sagging skin of the face and the body. Oxygen therapy with radiofrequency give the skin tone, firmness and elasticity. 

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