The exfoliation to brighten our skin after the summer

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The peeling is a cosmetic medicine treatment to smooth and improve the appearance of the epidermis, resulting in an effect of facial rejuvenation that allows the skin of the face and body to renew and eliminate sunspots.

The skin, in fact, is by far one of the most delicate parts of the body and of the body exposed, day after day, is attacked by the external atmospheric agents as well as damages resulting from the stress of our lifestyles, for this reason, it is necessary to treat and care, moisturizing. 

The first thing to do from the return of the holidays is very well moisturize our skin, but it is not always possible with the sole application of creams, because after exposure to sunlight, as well as being dry and dehydrated, has a superficial stratum corneum drier and more resistant to the penetration of the products. 

So, to make the skin supple and receptive again it is necessary the use of peeling treatment that, accelerating cell renewal, gives a bright, youthful and healthy skin. 

The peels are very effective for the treatment of the whole body and vary depending on skin types: light and moisturizing for young skin, for those who have sensitive skin it is recommended to white clay, while those with dry skin l 'ideally, the jojoba. 

For dry and dull (usually between 30 and 40 years old) peels can help with a pose of nourishing mask scrub made ​​from pink salt and shea butter, or alternatively with creams made ​​from the extract of Eleutherococcus better when paired with the rice seeds. Only aged 40 and over you begin to use glycolic acid in contrast to the first wrinkles for a more toned and radiant. 

The advantages related to body scrub and face are numerous, chief among them the ability to remove dead skin cells and skin imperfections and achieve a healthier skin and fresh; treatment can be located in different areas of the body eliminating and removing imperfections specifications. 

To enhance the effectiveness exfoliating is recommended that you associate with this treatment the tub that, with the addition of essential oils, relaxes the skin and makes it softer. At the end of the treatment, the skin will be shiny and supple again, and continuing to moisturize at home with creams suitable, even the color will remain longer. If, then, you have the chance to take a few more hours of sunshine, the effect will be back to tan fresh and pleasant. 

Come visit us in the Wellness Center Pharmacy Loreto Gallo to choose the peeling treatment is best for you. 

It purifies and gives your face and your body a fresh look and compact!


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