After the summer it gets back in shape

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After returning from vacation you start to think the sport and beauty treatments to choose from in the winter months, in the hope of starting on the right foot and get the much desired form.

To combat the appearance of cellulite is essential to adopt three basic rules: a proper diet, regular exercise and beauty treatments are appropriate. 

Cellulite is a skin blemish that is manifested by the appearance of holes in the famous orange peel, which indicates a problem with the connective tissue. In essence it is an alteration of adipose tissue or to an accumulation of fat in specific areas of the body and circumscribed. 

The main causes of cellulite are due to two main factors: water retention and poor circulation. That's why if you want to prevent cellulite or put a brake, you need to adopt strategies that go to fight these two cases. 

Before working with any treatment is necessary to rely on highly skilled professionals ready to offer personal advice, using advanced machinery and exclusive products of the best cosmetic laboratories. 

Here are some of the treatments offered by the spa Pharmacy Loreto Gallo to improve your physical appearance and eliminate the annoying blemishes: 

Treatment Decleor - Perfect slim effect in just 70 minutes reduces the appearance of orange peel skin in the most rebellious. A ritual that includes exfoliation, slimming, anti-cellulite sculpting massage and mask highly focused. It helps to refine the silhouette and acts specifically on the localized cellulite of the belly, hips, buttocks and thighs. 

The Anti-cellulite massage with essential oils and creams, are needed to shape the body by reducing the fat tissue in a completely natural way giving an immediate feeling of lightness. 

The Radiotermia is a non-invasive treatment for the reduction of cellulite by stimulating the production of new collagen. You get a reduction of volume and a voltage of the skin lasting in time via a hot massage. 

Radiofrequency for cellulite treatment is divided into sessions that vary in relation to the areas to be treated. Is carried out with a machine which, thanks to the adoption of the electromagnetic waves produces heat within the tissues. This process has a dual function: to burn fat and stimulate the production of collagen. 

The Cavitation aesthetics, also known as "non-surgical liposuction", thanks to a system of ultrasound helps to dissolve and remove the fat. Although it is a non-surgical treatment, cavitation can be very powerful and its application must be carefully evaluated by a specialist. 

We can conclude by saying that even the best cellulite creams alone can not work miracles and do not cancel out the orange peel in a single shot, however, combined with massages and treatments and appropriate can really help to alleviate the unsightly appearance of cellulite, making the skin more smooth and toned. 

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