Treat your hair before autumn

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One of the major problems we have with the arrival of Autumn women's hair loss. After the summer the hair is damaged, stressed and weak because of the frequent washings and exposure to sunlight. For this reason, during the change of the fall season, a fall of more abundant hair is quite normal, even for those who devotes special care and attention throughout the year.

Before the arrival of autumn is a good thing to assess the state of health of the hair and decide on any treatments to be done, choose which specific shampoo and vials shock to be applied to combat the fall. 
The staff of the Pharmacy Loreto Gallo is always on hand to recommend specific supplements that can help our body to make all the necessary information to reinforce the skin. 
The supplements provide all the nutrients to the hair bulb necessary in order to regenerate. This must be done as soon as end of the season so that the hair follicles they are ready to face the season of fall. 
You can also use the extra pampering to ensure the health and beauty of skin with a daily massage, relaxing and challenging at the same time. Massage with fingertips all over the head, from the neck up towards the top to finish on the temples and forehead. Stimulated in a gentle but firm every inch, making circular motions. A lifesaver! 
Finally, to have healthy and strong hair do not forget to take care of more power that should be rich in eggs, meat, vegetables, protein and various vitamins.


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