Finding the eating habits

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After a summer of small excesses should find food and good eating habits. During the summer, often upsetting times for lunch and dinner, eating badly and outside the home; that's why when they get back from vacation is much easier to feel bloated and end up with a few more pounds. 
The first rule to follow to get back to feeling better is to check the power supply by adopting a diet.

A purifying diet must have at its core the fruit and vegetables, strictly seasonal; then off to salads and main light, fresh cheeses and white meats. 
Drink lots of water, 2 liters a day helps our body to purify and deflate; if you do not like water, you can also combine this herbal tea or green tea, to be taken without sugar. 
To retrieve the daily rhythms, you should always sleep the same hours each night, go to sleep and get up at the same time for at least a couple of weeks. In this way we help the body deal with greater balance the cold season. 
And 'good habit combined with a controlled diet so much physical activity. 
There are many exercises you can practice, both in the gym and at home; In fact, we can go to the gym to practice where a company group courses, music and participation of many people representing the right stimulus to train. The laziest however, must be willing and better organize their way of training remaining at home. 
  The important thing is to structure and combine the exercises correctly so that the training is effective and fun.


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