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Some people sleep 7 hours a night, at least 8 people and who to blame insomnia rests only 5-6 hours a night. 
Sleeping well is important not only to stay healthy, good sleep is also a true ally of beauty because it improves the facial expression and general relaxation. To improve the quality of our lives is necessary at least 8 hours sleep well at night, the time needed to recharge our body and start the day with a little something extra.

But why sleep is important, but above all sleep well? 
They are the modern rhythms to further increase the importance of sleep. We live in a time when sleep is almost regarded as a waste of time, idle hours that could be used to carry out the various activities of daily living, rather than send them back the next morning. But their are many activities that we do every day, our move frantically from one thing to another, our being always in a hurry to remind us how much we need to rest well. The truth is that our mind and our body need sleep to recharge and face the day in the best way. 
Sleep disorders are common in many people, especially women and can be caused by psychological factors such as anxiety or social and environmental factors. 
Bad or not enough sleep can lead to consequences of various kinds: 
due to the fact that the subjects are awake for more time and then eat more; 
fatigue due to poor sleep can increase the sense of unease and discomfort that facilitates the development of depressive syndrome; 
Various studies have shown that the quality of sleep affects the metabolism and the level of sugar in the blood 
In general, little sleep or bad cause nervousness, irritability, lack of desire to interact with others. 
But what to do to avoid the nightmare of another night with eyes wide open staring at the ceiling? 
Here are some rules to follow to spend peaceful nights: 
1 Try to go to sleep at the same time;. 
2 Arrange your bedroom for sleep: dim the lights, sounds and even the voice. 
3 If you can not close my eyes it is useless to stay in bed hoping to fall asleep. 
4 In the bedroom add to ban, computers and mobile phones. And even stop to television and naps in front of the screen after dinner. 
5 Do not play sports in the evening. If physical activity during the day induces sleep, just before sleep could affect a night's rest due to the increase in body temperature. 
6 Have recourse to relaxation techniques that help the body to more easily reach the sleep like yoga. 
7 Dine early and privileged light meals and healthy; 
8 Take a bath or a hot shower before going to bed, relax muscles and respiratory mucosa.


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