Acne: what it is and how to fight it

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Acne is a chronic disorder - inflammation of the hair follicle and sebaceous glands, working more than normal, resulting in an increase of fat in the skin, called seborrhea. 
Not only affects teenagers, acne also affects 25% of adults, especially women.

What are the causes of acne? 

There are various types of acne and each is manifested in a characteristic way. By analyzing several cases, the result seems to show that the affected individual has a predisposition from birth. In these subjects, the sebaceous glands are more sensitive to the stimulus of androgens (male hormones). 
There are two major "myths" to debunk: 

1) Power does not have any relation with acne 

It is not true that the sufferer can not eat milk, dairy or sugar and it is false that chocolate and French fries worsen the clinical picture. The subject acneico can eat everything. 

2) Hormonal acne is not a disease 

Except in very rare cases, the hormones of the patients are perfectly normal. 
At the first alarm bell option to which all of us have recourse care is "do-it-yourself" in pharmacies and supermarkets there is a wide choice of products against acne without a prescription, but if you want to try, you need a lot of caution, as reported recently by the Food and Drug Administration after some severe cases of allergic reactions. 

Experts recommend testing new products in a small area of ​​skin for three days and to suspend any treatment if there are signs of severe hypersensitivity (no redness, burning, or dryness of the skin, but the most serious phenomena, such as feeling faint, shortness of breath, swelling of the face, lips or tongue). 
The real advice is to rely on an expert who can tell the care that's right for our skin so that it can regain its glory. 
The Pharmacy Loreto Gallo waiting for you to provide you with the most appropriate advice to address this problem and the team of professionals in our Wellness Center will be happy to help you find the treatment tailored to you.

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