Fighting Winter Allergies

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Allergies are not to be attributed only to the spring or summer, but also affected during the Winter. Mites, cat dander and early flowering can cause discomfort similar to those suffered by people with allergies to pollens of plants or herbs that bloom in the Spring.

According to allergists, there are two simple steps to prevent allergies winter: intensify the housework and enjoy the sun over the last weekend of good weather because the tendency to go out less in the open air, causes a decrease of vitamin D that is the potential physiological defense against respiratory allergies. 
At the XV National Congress SIMER- FIP (Italian Society of Respiratory Medicine in Genoa 1-3 October 2014), was presented to an Italian study that correlates respiratory allergies, including allergic rhinitis and asthma, and decreased levels of vitamin D in the blood . The study found that vitamin D also has a hormonal action and, in particular, acts as the immune response to the development of various diseases. 

But what is vitamin D? 

It is an essential substance for our body which undertakes through exposure to sunlight and with a proper diet and, in some cases, even with the use of pharmacological supplements. Once transformed into its active form, it acts as a hormone, able to adjust various functions of our body. Its main role is to make calcium in the bones and is also able to act also in other districts such as muscles, eyes, heart, lungs and cell proliferation. 
The main source of vitamin D is the sun: when exposed to the sun correctly, our skin produces approximately 80% of its requirements. 
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