Perricone MD: a new horizon of cosmetics

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Perricone MD is the cosmetic line which takes its name from its founder, Nicholas Perricone, a renowned expert in beauty care especially in the field of anti-aging.

The in-depth studies and ongoing research carried out in its laboratories Meridien in Connecticut, leading the Dott.Perricone, specializing in Dermatology and Nutritionist, to constantly find new formulations more effective that enrich its exclusive collection of cosmetics. 

His theory Anti-Age is based on the concept of inflammation. Perricone claims that carbohydrates with high glycemic index foods and saturated fats are pro-inflammatory, favor or inflammation of the skin and water retention. Eliminating such products, according to his research, you would get an improvement of metabolism, del'umore, the heart, bone, and particularly of the skin, in addition to a real help in the loss of body weight. 

This theory leads him to create new product lines and treatments unique and patented suited to skin care that can give great results in a short time. 
Cosmetic treatments Perricone MD Alpha Lipoic acid-based, are suitable for every skin type and are designed to improve the brightness of the skin and to limit the formation of lines and marks on the face. 

From Loreto Pharmacy Gallo you will find all the complete line of cosmetics Perricone MD Anti-Age at prices truly amazing. 

Perricone MD products are free of parabens and are not tested on animals.


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