Diet: tips to lose weight

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Choosing the right diet is not easy in fact an effective slimming treatment must be suitable for your body, age, lifestyle and especially the number of pounds you want to lose!

To lose weight and lose weight fast naturally not forget to combine a balanced diet with physical activity daily. 
Before choosing a diet to do, the first step is to know if you really need to lose a few pounds or if your weight and the calories that you take every day are appropriate to our stature and our way of life. To find out, can be useful to calculate their body mass index (BMI) and see if you are fit or not. 

The Pharmacy Loreto Gallo, thanks to the professionalism of your team, offers its customers a personalized nutritional and dietary counseling with eating plans according to the needs of patients, pursuing one goal: eliminate the extra pounds in a healthy and balanced diet. 
We suggest, in particular, three particular diets to lose inches at critical points in an efficient manner while respecting the needs of the body are those that according to our way of life. 

The Diet Zone: Zone is a food strategy that uses food with great attention and is able to allow our body to function at its best. 

It is a high-calorie food strategy that allows you to stay in shape by practicing a physical activity, eating all foods, without excluding any in particular. 
In this diet, food becomes an ally, thanks to a specific combination of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. 

The diet Tisanoreica: promises rapid weight loss and long-lasting, high-protein diet is not true because the proteins to drink a day are 72 g, feeding as "standard". 
It is based on the assumption of special preparations and herbal extracts, which optimizes weight loss, allow you to take all the necessary nutrients to the body. 

The high-protein diet: you can lose weight and slim down your silhouette while preserving the energy of the physical and nutrient equilibria without extreme sacrifice food provided by the "usual diet" maintaining muscle tone. 

All these diets are based on insertion in the normal diet of a dietary substitute meals that provide the nutrients necessary with a restricted caloric intake, including vitamins and minerals. At equal calories, also give a sense of satiety more than that reached after the consumption of traditional foods, this thanks to the high fiber content. During the administration of these compounds, in fact, it is preferable to drink plenty of water. 

Come and visit us in Pharmacy to learn about the diet that suits you!


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