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Among the devotees of fitness and body-building creatine is known as energy substance used to improve the mass, strength, endurance in training and recovery after physical exertion.

Creatine is a protein molecule naturally synthesized by the body from three amino acids glycine, arginine and methionine, a natural substance, then, that we take every day by eating foods such as red meat and fish. 

The minimum intake of creatine required daily by the body is equal to 2 grams. This quantity must be supported and integrated externally in case of power alone is not sufficient to help the body to achieve these levels. 

The doses taken must be carefully assessed and determined, if possible, along with an expert. 

Creatine helps to supply energy to all cells, first of all those muscles, stimulating the formation of another molecule that acts as fuel for our muscles bringing strength and energy needed for muscular contractions. 

Muscle cramps and muscle tension can be avoided thanks to the presence of adequate levels of creatine. This specific property is another reason that pushes athletes to the consumption of these products. 

This substance, in fact, plays an interesting role in terms of athletic performance for several reasons: 

- Allows the muscles to have more energy at times of peak metabolic demand; 
- Limits the production of lactic acid; 
- Helps transport other nutrients to our muscles, allowing optimization of these elements. 

Our advice is to take this drug only a few days of training to improve performance and increase the volume of muscle cells. 
In order to improve athletic performance it is necessary to take a dose divided into two or three separate parts during the day. A cycle of creatine should have a duration of about 2 months and should be interspersed to a month to stop. 

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