The foot care

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Too often we forget to take care of the feet that bear the weight of the body, the effort to manage all daily activities and pay the consequences of our bad habits, especially when it comes to shoes.

This neglect often leads to podiatric problems that can affect your quality of life, it is important to know how to improve the health of the feet in order to keep them in shape.
If you suffer from corns, calluses, bunions, heel spurs, heel discomfort and other conditions podiatry, we are faced with feet that require special care and attention in order to avoid more serious trouble. 
The care and daily care are essential for sensitive feet, especially if you suffer from fungal infections, excessive sweating and odor. 
Since we wear shoes most of the day, their choice is critical to the health of the feet. It is very important to choose shoes feature a flexible sole and plant anatomy for added convenience. 
In order to have healthy and beautiful feet you can try to follow the advice of Pharmacy Loreto Gallo 
1. In order to combat the dead skin and dryness of one of the most effective methods is to apply every morning and evening a good moisturizer or regenerating the feet clean and dry and massage until completely absorbed. 
2. Use at least once a week treatment scrub or exfoliating cream if the skin on the soles of the foot tends to harden. 
3. To prevent corns and calluses is good to do a foot bath scraping the skin with a pumice stone or plants with a specific file or scratch card, this way the skin of the feet will always remain soft and smooth and without any impurities.


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