Early risers are happier

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At least once in our lives we have heard the saying "the early bird catches the worm", in recent months a group of British scientists of Roehampton University (UK) has shown that it is the early birds to have understood all of life. This study, which involved 1068 adults in an online survey about their biorhythms and mood, has shown that morning people are healthier and happier.

The research was based on a telephone survey which aimed to know the habits, the hours of the wake-up call, but also the level of stress, mood and general state of health of the sample.

The researcher Joerg Huber at the end of the testing period concluded that "early birds were healthier, happier and with a lower body mass index."
The reason, according to scientists, it could be that wake up early every morning to "fight" with the children to take them to school in time and to finish all the household chores before leaving for work, helping people adapt and more resistant to the hectic modern life.

On average, people classified as "morning people" got up at 6:58 in the morning, while those defined as "evening people" did not open his eyes before 8:54.
Get up early in the morning, in fact, is also an indication of physical and mental wellbeing and guarantee of happiness.

Making a leisurely breakfast, drinking coffee while sitting and not running as they prepare the last things before I go on, are the benefits that one hour of sleep in the morning does not give.

The wake up early gives more time for, because you can not run their daily activities and make us less stressed and definitely healthier.


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