Take care of your lips

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For lips clean and healthy you need to take care especially in winter, when cold, humidity but also sudden changes in temperature can damage them and dry them.

Chapped lips are a common problem for many people and the main causes are, in addition to the climate too dry and wet, the use of special cosmetics with harsh ingredients that can damage the well-being of your lips, disidratandole.

The use of products moisturizing, nourishing and emollient, an excellent protection against external agents for this can be extremely useful to know some little tricks that can be used to protect and make your lips healthy in all circumstances.

The secret weapon is the constant and regular use of moisturizers or stick oil-based, one of these is the cocoa butter, it is a protective balm and super-hydrating, practical to always carry in your handbag, suitable both in summer and winter.

With the cold, you can use a cocoa butter with honey, which protects and nourishes, while for the summer you can opt for one fruity and fresh, to protect them from harmful UV rays. E 'useful to apply more times a day, especially before going to sleep, as the layer of protective cream helps to retain moisture and protects the lips from any cracking, also remains for several hours and the beneficial effects are certainly visible.

Substances that products must have are the botanical ingredients among them are shea butter, cocoa butter, vegetable oils (avocado oil, wheat germ oil, borage oil, sweet almond oil, oil oil) and liquid wax jojoba, beeswax which serve to restore the functions of moisturizing skin of your lips.

In addition to cocoa butter, you can put your trust in moisturizing lipsticks and silky that will make you attractive and at the same time protect your lips.

The Pharmacy Loreto Gallo has a wide range of products needed to have lips healthy, beautiful and especially hydrated.

From natural products and nutrients, the floral extracts to protect your lips in a healthy way, to stick lip effect for lips soft and fleshy to gloss moisturizing for a wet and super chic. Do not forget to use a conditioner with sunscreen in winter, especially in the snow.


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