The virtues of Yoga

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Did you know that a single position of yoga a day to reduce wrong bending of the back? This is the Vasisthasana, or "axis position side," declares a study conducted by researchers at Columbia University who published the results on the Global Advances in Health and Medicine.
The position is to support the weight of the body with the outside of the left foot, and with the left hand, keeping the body facing side and the bust tense.

Researchers have tested on 25 subjects suffering from scoliosis, that by doing this for 90 seconds per day, after about seven months have found improvements, in fact the scoliotic curvature is reduced in 19% in most cases.
This is the conclusion of the authors: "The strengthening of asymmetrical convex side of the curve with the daily practice of yoga reduces lateral position of the angle of the scoliotic curve. Our research is limited to a few cases, but the results are encouraging."
When we speak of Yoga you always think of something that brings physical and mental wellbeing, but what is it really?
Yoga is an ancient discipline of North India which serves to maintain control over their feelings and impulses, to recirculate the vital energy with the movement of the body and harmonize the body with the mind through meditation.
In the West in most cases are taught Hatha Yoga, which is the type of Yoga that is mainly based on physical exercises. Yoga is to achieve a state and a feeling of well-being: the physical exercises set in motion all the muscles and the various structures of the body while the silence and harmony of movements help to relax.
The positions are named by nature and can be done standing, sitting or lying down, relax the spine and muscles, strengthen muscles and stimulate circulation. Yoga is a practice suitable for everyone as long as performed under the guidance of an experienced teacher who, after an analysis of the characteristics and conditions of each practitioner, will offer positions with a degree of difficulty appropriate, indicate the time and manner of their execution and also advise against the positions that may be harmful to health.


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