Collagen: skin aging

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Skin aging is a natural process that involves many factors both external, such as exposure to sunlight or particular environmental conditions (eg. Pollutants, smoke etc.), Both intrinsic, such as the passage of time and the genetic predisposition.

As the skin ages, loses its tone and elasticity, and we see a reduction in the thickness of the matrix of the dermis. This consists mostly of collagen, one of the main factors that contribute to maintaining a youthful and healthy skin.

Collagen is perhaps the most abundant protein in the body that helps to maintain the firmness, the firmness of the skin by minimizing the presence of wrinkles; not surprisingly, around 30 years of age decreases the production of collagen in the body and in a more significant and visible on the skin.

The loss of collagen consists in the reduction of elasticity and formation of wrinkles, the skin gradually loses its ability to retain water, thus becoming thinner and thinner.

Gradually the tissue capillaries becomes more often reducing the skin's ability to retain water and nutrients. The dermis shows subject with an increased risk of the development of wrinkles and stretch marks, while the color and the change in pigmentation lead to the presence of dark spots.

Beside the reduction of collagen production there is also the loss of hyaluronic acid, with a further negative impact on hydration and suppleness of the skin.
That is why today the collagen supplements are widely space in nutraceutical anti-aging.

Good care, proper nutrition are essential to protect the beauty of the skin and keep it young.

Products Gold Collagen of Minerva Research Labs have been formulated to rejuvenate the skin by helping to preserve the tone and elasticity.

Are liquid food supplements, a unique blend of collagen and active ingredients that nourish from within strengthen the levels of collagen, elastin and moisture thus promoting the beauty of the skin.

Oral intake of the product therefore has greater efficacy than traditional creams because the active ingredients are delivered to the dermis through the blood vessels to a deeper hydration.

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