SOS COLD: remedies and strategies to protect your skin

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The skin is the largest organ of our body, which has the goal of protecting our whole body from bacterial or chemical attack from the external environment. When the frost bites and smog salt, the skin is the first to be affected: in fact, changes in temperature and smog of the city are responsible for the unpleasant sensation of dryness we feel on the face and body.

The most exposed are sensitive skin, such as those who suffer from rosacea affected especially the transition from cold to hot or from indoors to outdoors, because the thermal shock causes the skin to make a sort of "gymnastics" that damages the capillaries.

To help your skin you need to use products softening, do not wash with very hot water and massage your face with your hands when going from a warm to a cold and vice versa.

Rosacea can be temporary or permanent and can affect both dry skin that the combination or oily. A very useful product for sensitive skin subject to rosacea is shea butter, with moisturizing and soothing properties. Also excellent aloe gel, which is especially soothing, and jojoba oil, softening and moisturizing.

To protect the skin, it is essential to have the habit of removing makeup every night with cleanser and tonic, also to remove all traces of smog and toxins, as well as cosmetics. In the morning, however, it is important to use a good moisturizer with UVA, which protects the face from photo-aging, and also protect the lips, extremely sensitive, with a special lipstick or cocoa butter. In addition to the daily actions necessary, it is important to pamper our face, once a week, with a good soothing mask and moisturizer.

Even the skin of our body, although not exposed to the elements, is affected by sudden changes from hot to cold and "choking" of the clothes. To deeply hydrate the body skin, shea butter or cocoa are really effective.

For the hands, as well as a moisturizer can protect the skin, you need to devote even compresses extra which enhance their hydration.
To have a healthy skin, however, the power is fundamental: drink at least two liters of water a day, eat plenty of vegetables and fresh fruit, but also vegetable soup, soups, teas, herbal teas, centrifuged and citrus juices.

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