The diet evergreen

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More and more Italians who decide not to get groped by steaks and fried fish, preferring to become vegetarian or vegan that eliminate from their diet even milk, dairy products and eggs. Choices often dictated by ethical reasons, first of all not to do any harm to animals but also motivated by a desire to improve health. A choice that, if well conducted, can help in the prevention of various diseases.



In contrast, the "omnivores" defend their power, arguing that deprive yourself of the foods of animal origin would involve dangerous deficiencies. The Italian Society of Human Nutrition, with a group of dedicated study, is evaluating the coverage of nutritional needs through a vegetarian diet: the first results will come in 2015, but by looking at the research, is to say that neither vegetarian nor omnivores wrong.

Studies in favor of vegetarian and vegan diets are many and testify that giving up meat means reducing the pressure, the risk of heart attacks, mortality; however, are at least as many searches that explain how the power right omnivorous, that is the Mediterranean diet, is good to prevent diseases that threaten the health, from stroke to diabetes and cognitive impairment.
In all the food there is something "bad" in the fruit, sugar and milk, but also in vegetables, fish etc. A varied diet provides all the nutrients without overloading substances "toxic"; if you eliminate entire food groups must pay attention to whatever replaces them. Being vegetarian or vegan today not exposed to risks and is compatible with a good state of health, as long as we do not neglect the possible risks.
Those who choose to be vegetarian or vegan is a person on average more careful and informed and, very often, its greater awareness is the real reason for his good health.
Being vegetarian or vegan is short, a good choice for staying healthy, but not essential.
Enough, in fact, maybe some good rules: eat an average of 4 servings of meats a week would be enough to halve when replacing them with the vegetables to have a more balanced diet, not to mention that the real threat to health today are not so much animal protein, as too many sugars.
The choice is yours, but do not forget that a healthy diet is always the best medicine!


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