Solgar: natural supplements

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A dietary supplement is a healthy product whose purpose is to contribute to the maintenance of the wellbeing of the human organism.
Solgar, for over 60 years, produces high quality nutritional supplements that help to supplement the normal diet by improving the health of people.

This line of supplements is known around the world for innovative production techniques based on appropriate scientific research can generate the maximum effectiveness of the products.

Solgar has stood for quality, research and technological innovation, and offers a range of more than 450 products including: supplements of vitamins such as B group, natural vitamin E, vitamin C and high absorption controlled pH, supplements of chelated minerals according to the patented process Albion, polyunsaturated fatty acids, probiotics, amino acids, herbal extracts standardized and non-irradiated and antioxidant-edge.

And 'complete line of natural supplements to improve your well-being: from specific supplements for pregnancy and menopause to those to combat stress and mood problems until you get to formulations support osteoarticular apparatus, circulatory, digestive and respiratory.

From Pharmacy Loreto Gallo can choose the supplement that meets your specific needs, taking into account sex, age, type of diet and lifestyle.

What aspects? Buy Solgar supplements at discounted prices!


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