Hermesetas: your sweetener

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Sweeteners (or sweeteners) are substances that give a sweet taste to foods.
Are added to food and drink for dolcificarli without calories or apportandone an extremely small amount conferring the 'same sweet taste that is obtained in products containing sugar without contain the same calories.


If used consistently to reduce calories, can be a great help to lose weight and to the health of the oral cavity in fact plays an important role in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and active.
People with diabetes or obesity, should limit or sometimes avoid consumption of sugar (sucrose, is extracted from both the beet from sugar cane) that provides a caloric intake of 4 kcal / g and replace it with suitable preparations, called sweeteners or sweeteners, which provide few or no calories.
The company Hermesetas has created three lines of sweeteners to satisfy all your "sweet habits" at the table for a lifestyle healthy.
Discover e-shop from the pharmacy Loreto Gallo range of sweeteners Hermesetas.
Here are the three product lines:
- Hermesetas Without Aspartame, made with saccharin, cyclamate and thaumatin, added to tea or coffee gives all the sweetness desired. Hermesetas Without Aspartame has a natural flavor, no aftertaste and does not change the taste of beverages.
- Hermesetas Droplet, based cyclamate and saccharin is acalorico, ie provides no caloric intake, and is liquid, therefore, particularly versatile and practical in use. It is ideal for sweetening any drink, both hot and cold, yoghurts and is also excellent for the preparation of sweets. It has a natural sweet taste and is used also in cooking with the oven.
- Hermesetas SteviaSweet, the sweetener content is obtained from the most aromatic plant, stevia, a plant native to South America that has a sweetening power 300 times higher than sucrose and does not provide any calories. Steviasweet is suitable for those who must reduce caloric intake. And 'ideal for tea, herbal teas and any other type of hot or cold drink. The bags are also suitable for the yoghurt or for sweetening fruits and fruit salads.


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