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Turmeric, the healthiest among the spices, has many beneficial health properties proven by scientific studies and research. In addition to its nutritional function, it defends the body from numerous diseases.


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In Italy more than 10 million people suffer from hypertension. It is a chronic condition that in mild cases can be controlled with a healthy lifestyle and without the help of drugs.

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The cervical spine is one of the areas of the body most prone to inflammation: for some people it can become a recurring problem, especially after 45 years. Here are the causes, symptoms and remedies to treat neck pain.

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Directly from the East, one of the most popular branches of alternative medicine, used for thousands of years to cure diseases and to restore the energy balance of the body and the psyche. Discover all the benefits of ayurvedic treatment, carried out at our health center.

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More and more people decide to get a tattoo, especially the very young. Although it is cleared for a fashion for many years, it is not however free from many dangers. Discover everything you should know about the risks of tattoos.


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A good night's sleep is essential for mental and physical balance but also to preserve our health, removing the risk of diseases. Following OF 5 good habits to be followed for a longer and satisfying rest.