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Pilates, also known as soft gymnastics, is a 'activities suitable for all ages that improves breathing, muscle tone and overall posture, bringing great benefits to those suffering from back pain.

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According to Istat is diabetic 5.5% of Italians, more than 3 million people. Medicine tells us that it is possible to prevent this disease with a healthy lifestyle and diet low in sugars.

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There are many factors that influence the excessive amount of sebum that clogs the skin pores, causing pimples and blacks. A professional facial cleansing and exfoliation can mitigate much of this problem.

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If you started a diet to get in shape before the summer you might like to know that in addition to the low-calorie foods, there are some foods that can help you burn up to 30% more calories than you assume!

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Quinoa is the most energizing plant in the world according to FAO and the main food longest-lived man in the world, lived to the age of 124 years! Let's see why it can not be missing in our diet:

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Protect children from the sun's risks does not mean depriving them of those magical moments on the beach: the kids love the sea and just a few simple rules to make sure that they can have fun in complete safety!