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Protect children from the sun's risks does not mean depriving them of those magical moments on the beach: the kids love the sea and just a few simple rules to make sure that they can have fun in complete safety!


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Every woman is fighting against the hair, especially at the approach of summer. Is there a way to throw away creams and razors and that is to turn to a beauty salon for the last frontier when it comes to hair removal: the IPL!

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This plant is a great resource in Mediterranean countries the benefits of which were already known by the ancient Greeks, who used it to treat infections and stomach pain. Today is also used in cosmetics to have a flat stomach and a smile!

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You also have the habit to postpone several times the alarm clock? Know that this practice negatively affects the life cycle of sleep and does not help to feel less tired!

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Climate change may alter the production of certain hormones that control our mood. If weather conditions change and you feel tired and irritable, try herbal medicine to restore your mental balance!

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It is the most common sleep disorder in the world: it prevents sleep peacefully and causes stress and headaches. An ENT examination may show the presence of Snoring or sleep apnea, two diseases that are cared for.