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When one of the remedies to restore the psycho-physical well-being is the aromatherapy: especially vanilla is a powerful anti-stress fighting aging skin is stressed or physically exhausted and sore.

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The sun has numerous beneficial effects on our health but poor exposure to sunlight can cause skin damage; among these, the most widespread is the polymorphic solar dermatitis, from which it heals in a few days.

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To combat cellulite diets are not enough: it is essential that our way of life is made up of a healthy diet and regular physical activity. What are the foods that should never be missing from today on our table?

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Antioxidants are in part already present in our body and in part hired through certain foods. They protect the body from free radicals, or the waste produced by our cells, because of 'cellular aging.

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The Goji berry, also called wolfberry, was born in Tibet and is the fruit of a plant named Lycium Barbarum that in Eastern medicine is considered the fruit of life and longevity. The Hollywood star They love to find out why you should eat them too!

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The medicine does not consider tinnitus as a disease in itself, but rather as a very annoying condition that can affect the quality of life of sufferers, but with which you can learn to live with.