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5 simple good habits to follow every day to improve our physical and psychological wellbeing. Power, sport and relaxation are the three key words for a long and healthy life!


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The red sorrel is infused with an exotic flavor, able to help our body to dispose of toxins, promote digestion and to combat high blood pressure by improving blood circulation!

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The last frontier in the world in the fight against wrinkles passes for light stimulation: treatment renews the skin cells using pulsed light and has no contraindications.

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The siesta was sacred to the ancient Romans who had already realized the benefit to get away for a bit 'from all activities that weaken the body and mind, and now science tells us that sleep no more than 40 minutes a day improves our concentration as well as the circulatory system and blood pressure.


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Emotional eating can be a symptom of psychological distress, the absence of serotonin or malfunctioning of the hypothalamus. The right foods, and other simple tricks can help us fight hunger pangs.

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Whether to take a break or to start the day with more energy, coffee is an indispensable daily pleasure for Italians, but as our body reacts to this drink?