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Maca is the plant vigor and fertility: used as a natural viagra by Peruvians already for many centuries, has many energetic effects on our body and awakens sexual desire.

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That of nail biting is a very common habit, associated with feelings such as anxiety and boredom, which can lead to unpleasant consequences for fingers and mouth. There are, however, of the natural remedies to stop this bad habit.

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Moles (or more technically "nevi") are a peculiarity of the epidermis, which are present in each of us, and not in vain if not feared when they present unusual features that may cast doubt about the presence of skin melanomas.

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Walking, dressing, talking in your sleep: all symptoms of sleepwalking, sleep disorder a characteristic of children that, except in rare exceptions, has no consequences and disappears spontaneously with the passage of time.

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You can rejuvenate and tone the skin of your body through the ayurvedic massage, which acts on the lymphatic circulation and balance energy, in a relaxing and soothing environment for your body and psyche.

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Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), commonly known as colitis, does not cause permanent damage or serious bowel diseases and can be controlled with an appropriate diet.