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The Black Currant is a fruit with strong anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties, in fact, the substances contained in it are able to block temporarily the immune system reaction that gives rise to allergies, but also to asthma, bronchitis, conjunctivitis and pharyngitis.

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During the summer holidays we allow hours of carefree relaxation and spending long days in the sun, salt spray and wind, and often forgetting that these factors are often the worst enemies of our skin, especially the face. 

After the summer the skin is found dehydrated and marked by small spots caused by excessive exposure to the sun without proper protection factor.

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The peeling is a cosmetic medicine treatment to smooth and improve the appearance of the epidermis, resulting in an effect of facial rejuvenation that allows the skin of the face and body to renew and eliminate sunspots.

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Massage is an ancient form of therapy that allows the body to regenerate, improve and preserve the psychological well-being well away tension and fatigue. 
The massage affects the nervous system, muscles, blood circulation, respiratory system, digestive system, etc.. There are many types of massage and, depending on the maneuvers, techniques and products used can choose the one toning, relaxing or stress. 

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After returning from vacation you start to think the sport and beauty treatments to choose from in the winter months, in the hope of starting on the right foot and get the much desired form.

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One of the major problems we have with the arrival of Autumn women's hair loss. After the summer the hair is damaged, stressed and weak because of the frequent washings and exposure to sunlight. For this reason, during the change of the fall season, a fall of more abundant hair is quite normal, even for those who devotes special care and attention throughout the year.