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After a summer of small excesses should find food and good eating habits. During the summer, often upsetting times for lunch and dinner, eating badly and outside the home; that's why when they get back from vacation is much easier to feel bloated and end up with a few more pounds. 
The first rule to follow to get back to feeling better is to check the power supply by adopting a diet.

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Some people sleep 7 hours a night, at least 8 people and who to blame insomnia rests only 5-6 hours a night. 
Sleeping well is important not only to stay healthy, good sleep is also a true ally of beauty because it improves the facial expression and general relaxation. To improve the quality of our lives is necessary at least 8 hours sleep well at night, the time needed to recharge our body and start the day with a little something extra.

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Taking care of skin is to feel good about themselves, they are everyday actions of which none of us should miss a moment of beauty and mental and physical gratification. 
Impurities and fine lines that appear on our skin, in many cases, are due to the lifestyle that often leads us to keep pace very stressful. E 'therefore important crop time to devote to the care of the skin of our face that, at any age, deserves special attention.

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Acne is a chronic disorder - inflammation of the hair follicle and sebaceous glands, working more than normal, resulting in an increase of fat in the skin, called seborrhea. 
Not only affects teenagers, acne also affects 25% of adults, especially women.

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Allergies are not to be attributed only to the spring or summer, but also affected during the Winter. Mites, cat dander and early flowering can cause discomfort similar to those suffered by people with allergies to pollens of plants or herbs that bloom in the Spring.

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Perricone MD is the cosmetic line which takes its name from its founder, Nicholas Perricone, a renowned expert in beauty care especially in the field of anti-aging.