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BMI is an indicator of rapid but indicative, considering the body weight of a subject in relation to a weight considered ideal, it allows to express an opinion more or less significant on its state of physical fitness and then on his health. 
Also known as the Quetelet index, named after the Belgian scientist Adolphe Quetelet who put him in place as far back as 1830, BMI stands for Body Mass Index, Italianate in "Body Mass Index" (BMI stands for BMI) a biometric data, expressed as the ratio of the square of the height and weight of an individual and is used as an indicator of the state of physical fitness.

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Pregnancy is for every woman a very special event, a physical, mental, but especially exciting. During these nine months growing anxieties and fears related to the welfare of the child that is in her womb.

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Choosing the right diet is not easy in fact an effective slimming treatment must be suitable for your body, age, lifestyle and especially the number of pounds you want to lose!

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Among the devotees of fitness and body-building creatine is known as energy substance used to improve the mass, strength, endurance in training and recovery after physical exertion.

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Antioxidants are substances that work as a group of purification that removes the scraps left from the cells protecting the body from their negative action.

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Too often we forget to take care of the feet that bear the weight of the body, the effort to manage all daily activities and pay the consequences of our bad habits, especially when it comes to shoes.