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The physical well-being of the whole body goes through a healthy mouth and treated. Healthy teeth not only improve the perception of oneself in relation to others, but also make it possible to eat and speak properly.

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At least once in our lives we have heard the saying "the early bird catches the worm", in recent months a group of British scientists of Roehampton University (UK) has shown that it is the early birds to have understood all of life. This study, which involved 1068 adults in an online survey about their biorhythms and mood, has shown that morning people are healthier and happier.

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For lips clean and healthy you need to take care especially in winter, when cold, humidity but also sudden changes in temperature can damage them and dry them.

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Did you know that a single position of yoga a day to reduce wrong bending of the back? This is the Vasisthasana, or "axis position side," declares a study conducted by researchers at Columbia University who published the results on the Global Advances in Health and Medicine.
The position is to support the weight of the body with the outside of the left foot, and with the left hand, keeping the body facing side and the bust tense.

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The sonication is a new cellulite treatment, an innovative technique that uses very low frequencies allowing for treatment of large areas such as the abdomen, hips, buttocks, inner and outer thighs ensuring visible results from the first session.
It 'a treatment that uses low-frequency ultrasonic waves which generate within the adipose tissue the effect of sonic cavitation: the micro gas bubbles implode and emit energy, causing the selective disruption of surrounding cells.
Cellulite is the most popular blemish and less tolerated by women, according to recent data suffers at least 80% of Italian women.

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Skin aging is a natural process that involves many factors both external, such as exposure to sunlight or particular environmental conditions (eg. Pollutants, smoke etc.), Both intrinsic, such as the passage of time and the genetic predisposition.