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A study published in the British Medical Journal and conducted at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, has confirmed once again that the Mediterranean diet as well as providing a "shield" against disease, prolongs life.

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Eat many grains seems a veritable elixir of life. In fact, in addition to promoting the smooth functioning bowel, cereals play a vital role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
Whole grains as well as being high in fiber, they give a good supply of antioxidants and vitamins and have a lower glycemic index than refined.

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Although one might think that wrinkles are a consequence of aging, recent research indicates that the passage of time is not the only cause of these signs of the skin, especially the face. The power and certain lifestyle habits unhealthy, in fact, are more causes of this problem which is a nightmare for women.
The dreaded wrinkles are the result of cell division that with age becomes slower and causes the elastin, hydrogen and hydration of the skin decrease.

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Whether you prefer the rock, indie or electrodance not matter: to train longer and endure the physical effort has to synchronize the music on the heartbeats. Word of Costas Karageorghis, lecturer in Sport Psychology at Brunel University in London and experienced international music for exercise, he has created for the Spotify playlist fitness perfect, sifting through a musical archive of 11 million playlists to listen during the hour of fitness.

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Sweeteners (or sweeteners) are substances that give a sweet taste to foods.
Are added to food and drink for dolcificarli without calories or apportandone an extremely small amount conferring the 'same sweet taste that is obtained in products containing sugar without contain the same calories.


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The heels body's contours, of course, but at the same time altering the delicate play of muscle tension in the body. The posture is affected and this, at the end of a day, results in sensations of pain and fatigue.