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  • atur Madrone Californian Floral Essences 7.4ml -15%

atur Madrone Californian Floral Essences 7.4ml

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Madrone (arbutus menziesii)

Californian Floral Essences

Malnutrition, problems with food.

Severe diet regimens, not acceptance of one's body and weight; possibility of physical aversion towards the mother figure; malnutrition or disorders in breast attachment; lack of human heat suffered in early childhood.

Curative functions: fullness and abundance of the physical body, ability to receive and enjoy physical nourishment

Fill a small bottle with a dropper of 30 ml with water for 3/4 of the volume, and for 1/4 of the volume with brandy, which serves as a preservative. Add 2 to 4 drops of each flower essence chosen from the sales stock bottle. Before intake, gently shake to keep the essences in a more powerful and energized vibrational state. Take four drops under the tongue four times a day. Increase or decrease the intake depending on personal sensitivity to flower essences.

Use with alcohol-sensitive people:
- two to four drops mixed in a large glass of water or fruit juice
- in a 30 ml dropper bottle as indicated above, replacing the brandy with 1/3 or a 1/2 of vegetable glycerine, to preserve the dilution

Format: 7.4 ml