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  • A. Menarini Glucocard Sm Test Strips 10 Pieces -42%

A. Menarini Glucocard Sm Test Strips 10 Pieces

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A. Menarini

Glucocard Sm

Test Strips

Sensors for measuring blood sugar in the blood.

Sensor coding: Automatic.

Enzyme system: Glucose-dehydrogenase-flavin-adenin-dinucleotide (GDH-FAD); mediators: chloride and ruthenium (III), 1-methoxy PMS.

Icodextrin interference: The Glucocard SM system is suitable for use with peritoneal dialysis patients who use solutions containing icodextrin.

Calibration: The results are equivalent to plasma glucose concentration (capillary plasma distribution).

Measurement range: 10 to 600 mg / dL

Hematocrit range: 20% to 70% (compensated hematocrit).

Measurement time : 5 seconds.

Memory capacity : 500 results.

Results average

Calculated on all the results obtained in 7, 14, 30, 60 and 90 days.
Calculated on results marked with indicator (before a meal, after a meal, before bedtime).

Sensor expiry: 18 months (6 months from the date of the first opening of the container).

Operating environment: Temperature range: 8-40 ° C

Humidity: 20-80% RH (without condensation).

Thermal compensation: Automatic compensation using a built-in temperature sensor.

Data transmission

  • PC (USB cable)
  • Mobile device (Bluetooth 4.0).

Withdrawals from alternative sites (AST): Permitted.

10 pieces, dimensions 94.0 x 57.0 x 18.5 mm