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  • AB Pharm Folamet Nutritional Supplement 30 Tablets

AB Pharm Folamet Nutritional Supplement 30 Tablets

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AB Pharm


Dietary supplement

Folamet is a Specialist Medical Exercise (AFMS) and is indicated for the dietary management of hyperomocysteinemia resulting from a Genetic Deficit of Enzyme Methylene-Tetra-Fluorophore Folate (MTHFR), also known as Genetic Polymorphism of Folic Acid. L-5-Methylphosphate is the metabolically active form of Folic Acid and is able, through the transfer of a methyl group, to convert homocysteine ​​into methionine even in the presence of a genetic deficiency. Vitamins B2, B6, B12 and Zinc are enzymatic cofactors that boost the activity of L-5-Methylphosphate in controlling hyperomocysteinemia.

How to use
It is advisable to take 1 tablet a day, unless otherwise prescribed.
Pack of 30 tablets