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  • Abound® Taste Orange Abbott 30 Sachets -6%

Abound® Taste Orange Abbott 30 Sachets

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Abound® Taste Orange Abbott - Dietetic Food for Special Medical Purposes

Abound® is a food containing arginine, glutamine and HMB *. For oral use or for administration by probe.

Food for special medical purposes to be taken under the supervision of a doctor.


Abound® is a food for special medical purposes for the diet of patients who need a higher intake of glutamine, arginine and HMB to build lean mass and promote wound healing.


Instructions for preparation and use

Oral use: drink 2 sachets per day in addition to the daily diet. Mix the contents with 250 mL of water.

Probe administration:

Do not mix Abound® with other enteric formulas in the feeding bag with gastric probe.

Pour a sachet of Abound® into a suitable container and add water (125 mL) at room temperature.

Mix well until it is completely dissolved.

Check the correct positioning of the gastric probe.

Wash the gastric probe with 30 mL of water before administration of Abound®.

Introduce Abound® into the gastric probe using a 60 mL or larger syringe

After administration of Abound® wash with an additional 30 mL of water (a smaller amount of water can be used to wash the tube if the patient follows a low liquid diet).

After preparation, keep in the refrigerator, if not used immediately. Dispose of unused solution after 24 hours. Store the sealed product in a cool, dry place.

Important warning: do not use as a sole nutritional source. Do not use in children. Not for parenteral use. Not recommended for use in septic patients. Contains aspartame (a source of phenylalanine).


Kcal: 74 kcal / bag (neutral taste) 89 kcal / bag (orange taste)

L-Arginine: 7.40 g / bag

L-Glutamine: 7.40 g / bag

HMB: 1.30 g / bag

Sucrose: 1.10 g / orange sachet (neutral taste without sugar)

Calcium: 215 mg / sachet

Gluten free


Orange flavor 30 sachets 24 g / each.