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  • Adamàh Eie Ipofoemin Drops 60ml -18%

Adamàh Eie Ipofoemin Drops 60ml

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Eie Ipofoemin


During fertile age a scarce menstruation does not require particular care, if ovulation occurs regularly and there are no other pathologies at the origin. When the ovulatory cycle does not occur regularly, or the menstrual period does not occur or arrives with important delays, an in-depth medical investigation is necessary to establish the causes. Often a hormonal alteration is discovered with consequent irregularity of the cycle.
In this situation, Ipofoemin becomes the natural rebalancing response, exploiting the stimulating properties of sage on ovarian function and the substitutive potential of Soy and Red Clover in compensating for women's lack of estrogen.
Here is a formulation that aims at the problem through two ways, compensatory one (the phytoestrogens substitutes) and stimulating the other (the emmenagogue action of sage). This makes Ipofoemin usable even in climacteric.



Mode of use

  • Start of treatment: an average of 20 drops in the morning and evening, which can be increased up to 20 drops 3 times a day in cases with persistent symptoms.
  • Maintenance: In hypoestrogenic syndromes: 2 months at full dosage and another 4 months of maintenance; then carry out an observational suspension.
  • During the climacteric: 6-month cycles with a 2-month pause interval, monitoring the menstrual trend.

Vegetable glycerin, water, EIE Red clover, EIE Soja, EIE Salvia,

Active principles:
The seeds are used, rich in proteins, lipids, glucides, vitamins, minerals, fibers, saponins and isoflavones. The latter have a chemical formula analogous to estrogen and are able to bind to the same receptors, activating the metabolic consequences where the individual's estrogen is missing. Therefore the substitutive introduction skills are exploited, guaranteeing an estrogen-like effect even in the absence of estrogen.
Its emmenagogic properties linked to the follicle-stimulating oestrogenic activity of the substance comparable to oestrone are appreciated. It has an action capacity on the ovary, it seems to increase its receptor sensitivity to pituitary FSH.
It is a concentrated source of phytoestrogenic compounds: the plant's phytocomplex is in fact mainly characterized by substances of an isoflavonic nature (genistein, daidzein). Red clover is now considered one of the most useful remedies to alleviate the ailments accompanied by hypoestrogenism and an effective natural alternative to hormone therapy.

do not use in pregnancy and during breastfeeding and in the presence of known allergies to the components.