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  • Advantix Spot On 1 Pipette 0,4ml Dogs Up To 4kg -45%

Advantix Spot On 1 Pipette 0,4ml Dogs Up To 4kg

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Spot On

Advantix Spot On 1 pipette for dogs up to 4 kg

Protects from tick bites, mosquitoes and pappataci and reduces the risk of diseases such as Leishmaniasis

Extensive protection against the most common pests
It acts against ticking mosquitoes and pappataci before most can sting
Eliminate fleas within one day of treatment

Prevents fleas from sting and then eliminates them. Fleas on the dog are killed within a day of treatment.
Imidacloprid, one of the two active ingredients contained in Advantix®, is also active against flea larvae present in the surrounding environment after application to the animal.
Advantix® is also indicated for the treatment of lice in dogs.

Mosquitoes and Pappataci
Repel mosquitoes and pappataci (or phlebotomists), reducing the risk of diseases such as LEISHMANIOSI.

Repels the ticks before they can sting and kill those that come into contact with the skin, reducing the risk of transmission of diseases such as Ehrlichiosis, Rickettsiosis and Borreliosis.

Horse leap
Provides repellent activity against the horse fly helping in the prevention of fly-bite dermatitis.


Advantix® does not replace the preventive treatment of filariasis. The treatment should be repeated, depending on the parasites, every 2-3-4 weeks. It is a veterinary medicine: ask your vet for advice. Read the warnings in the package leaflet carefully. Keep out of reach of children and use special care until the application site is dry. Incorrect use can be harmful. Also suitable for puppies from 7 weeks of life. Do not use in animals with a lower weight than indicated for each pack.

To be consumed preferably / Lot / N. Plant identification: See information on the packaging.
To be kept in a cool and dry place.

Format: 1 single-dose 04ml pipette