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  • AeroKat Aerosol For Cats

AeroKat Aerosol For Cats

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Aerosol For Cats

Inhalation therapy with aerosols - AeroKat makes it possible

Thanks to AeroKat * with flow indicator, respiratory diseases of cats can be treated effectively. The aerosol chamber is suitable for the treatment of feline asthma, chronic bronchitis or allergic rhinitis.

Aerosol chamber structure:

2 inhalation masks: completely cover mouth and nose; Eyes should not be covered
Inhalation valve: particularly sensitive, low resistance designed for low volume respiration
Antistatic chamber: collects the aerosol giving the cat more time to breathe the medicine
Universal back: can be used with all classic aerosols

Warning : do not use with powder inhalers!

To use the aerosol chamber it is important to coordinate the aspiration with the activation of the aerosol, which is impossible with the animals. Medicines in this way only reach the mucous membranes of the throat and mouth of the animals do not reach the respiratory tract. The therapy would be ineffective without the antistatic chamber.

A small antistatic room of great value

  • Targeted respiratory care is of paramount importance to restore a quality of life for animals and to keep it stable. AeroKat helps the inhalation of medicines and allows to treat animals eg. cats suffering from asthma and favors a decrease in the symptoms manifested.
  • The idea is simple but intelligent: the chamber between the mask and the universal attachment collects the aerosol after it has been released from its original packaging. The small and large aerosol particles are separated here, so that only the fine particles can be inhaled, the larger particles remain on the edges of the chamber. The fine particles can indeed reach the lungs and act there. Being initially confiscated, the particles can be breathed by the cat during the normal breathing process.

Product details AeroKat with Flow-VU indicator

  • AeroKat inhaler
  • For the aerosol therapy of cats, e.g. in case of chronic bronchitis and feline asthma
  • To be used with an aerosol spray (from human medicine, not contained in the shipment!)
  • Aerosol is sprayed into the antistatic chamber and then slowly aspirated
  • Flow indicator Flow-VU moving shows the cat's respiratory activities
  • AeroKat chamber in unbreakable polymer
  • Exhalation valve directs the exhaled air away from the cat
  • AeroKat can be used with aerosol of human medicine
  • It is preferable to consult a veterinarian before using AeroKat
  • Can not be used with powder inhalers
  • Delivery content: AeroKat with 2 masks (small and medium)

Cleaning the antistatic chamber

  • AeroKat must be washed before each use and once a week
  • Remove the back side, the mask adapter and the mask itself
  • Soak the parts removed in lukewarm water and detergent for 15 minutes and remove them from time to time
  • Rinse with clean water
  • Remove the coarse parts of water from the parts
  • Place the washed parts on a dry towel and allow to air dry
  • Do not rub to dry!
  • It will only be possible to remount the AeroKat after the parts are dry
  • After drying, reassemble the mask, back side and mask adapter