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Onligol Alfasigma 400g

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Onligol Alfasigma - Medical Device


Onligol is a laxative composed exclusively of a molecule called Macrogol 4000. It contains neither electrolytes nor flavors.

Onligol is a valuable aid for those suffering from constipation or chronic constipation:

  • for women, who are much more affected than men;
  • for the elderly, who often have a low-fiber diet or take drugs that cause constipation;
  • for children;
  • for diabetics;
  • for pregnant women.

Onligol is an osmotic laxative: it absorbs water, hydrates the stool, increases its volume and reduces its consistency, facilitating evacuation.
Onligol acts mechanically.
The Macrogol molecule is like a sponge: once ingested, it is not absorbed and metabolized by the intestinal bacteria and is filled with water.

Thanks to this mechanical absorption mechanism, which does not interfere with the organism, Onligol offers a series of easily verifiable advantages of use:

  • it gives no sense of urgency
  • it does not generate gas and does not give rise to bloating and flatulence
  • does not cause cramps
  • does not lose its action over time.


The absence of aroma has an additional advantage. Onligol is tasteless, odorless and does not alter the taste of drinks: it dissolves in any liquid, even hot, water, tea, broth, fruit juice.



The serving size is 10g (2 level teaspoons) 1-3 times a day.



400 g jar.