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  • Almababy Ambra Alma Briosa 1 Piece -14%

Almababy Ambra Alma Briosa 1 Piece

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Almababy Ambra Alma Briosa Necklace

Amber necklace. Screw closure and knot between each grain. Grain type «nugget». Length from 33 to 35 cm

Why an amber necklace?

Amber (succinite) is a fossil resin derived from the fossilized sap of trees grown in the Baltic regions more than 50 million years ago. In contact with the skin, amber secretes succinic acid, a totally natural substance. Scientific research has proven that succinic acid improves the efficiency of the immune system, reduces excessive salivation, has remarkable analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

A study by Chen et al. (2003) would have shown that succinic acid in small doses would produce an anxiolytic effect comparable to those used today in allopathic medicine. Also in the homeopathic field, Amber is used above all in the case of asthma, chronic bronchitis and other thoracic-pulmonary pathologies (Kaiserling, 2001). The philosopher Rudolph Steiner, famous for his attention to childhood education, argued that "Amber strengthens the vital energy in the child". Amber conducts electricity, (just rub it with a cloth to charge it electrically and make it able to attract pieces of paper), it is no coincidence that its Greek name is elektron, from which the term electricity derives. Due to this peculiar feature, the hypothesis has been advanced that amber, worn, can be a valid help against the potential damage of electromagnetic pollution.

When to use AlmaBaby Ambra?

Teething can be a traumatic and painful time for your baby! To avoid the use of drugs, make your child wear the AlmaBaby Ambra necklace! The necklaces can be worn from 3 months of age onwards, without particular contraindications. In younger children, they are excellent for reducing the pain and trauma of growing teeth. In older children they are an excellent remedy for insomnia and hyperactivity.

AlmaBaby Ambra quality

AlmaBaby necklaces are designed and made specifically for children; the length is such as to prevent children from putting the necklace in their mouth and chewing the stones. The necklaces are handmade with natural thread and perforated Baltic Amber and have a certificate of authenticity of the stone. The stones of the necklaces are interspersed with knots in order to prevent them from slipping off the necklace and dispersing in case of breakage. The closure consists of a screw mechanism, tested in the laboratory, which guarantees maximum safety even in the event of heavy stress. Furthermore, a study conducted by Karlberg et al, confirms the low allergenicity of amber also in the skin (Karlberg et al., 1992).

How and when to use it

Rinse the necklace under running water at least once every 3 days.
The necklace can also be worn at night, to promote a night's rest; if it causes discomfort, it can be attached to the child's ankle (making a double turn). The necklace must be worn under the supervision of an adult.

The company cannot be held responsible for incorrect use of the product.


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