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Amuchina Concentrated Solution Angelini - Disinfectant

Amuchina is suitable for the disinfection of fruit and vegetables , for the disinfection of baby items (bottles, teats, dishes).

How to use

For the disinfection of fruit and vegetables and for the disinfection of baby items (bottles, teats, dishes): dilute 20ml of product per liter of water, leave the disinfectant to act for about 15 minutes and rinse all the material with plenty of drinking water ; - to disinfect drinking water in emergency situations, then the solution must be diluted to 0.05%: this means that ten drops of the product must be dissolved per liter of water and left to act for over an hour.


validity of the product is 30 months.


Store in a tightly closed container, in a cool place, away from heat sources, away from direct sunlight. The expiry date indicated refers to the product in its intact and correctly stored container.


sodium hypochlorite; excipients: sodium chloride, sodium hydrate, sodium tetraborate decahydrate; active chlorine.


250 ml bottle.