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Animalintex pack Cataplasm

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Wrap treatments at the level of the foot and leg, contoured for an maggiorefacilità of use and to avoid unnecessary waste of material.
• hot pack: abrasions and bruises, wounds contaminated and infected abscesses.
• Cold compress: tendinitis, desmitis, schinelle, trauma.

How to use
1) Thoroughly clean the area to be treated.
2) Place Animalintex in a shallow basin, with the surface plastificatarivolta outside (do not use any containers unless you have pulitoaccuratamente).
3) Pour the water in the container around the edges of Animalintex.
4) Do not immerse.
5) After you are well soaked with water, remove from the pan impaccoed eliminate, with a little pressure, the excess water.
6) Apply the compress to the affected area with the surface plastificataall'esterno (not in contact with the skin), modeling it on the edge of zonad'applicazione.
7) Apply a bandage outer containing making sure the wrap siacompletamente covered.

1 bag contains 1 groundwater.