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  • Devil's Claw Plus Hundred Flowers 100 Capsules -7%

Devil's Claw Plus Hundred Flowers 100 Capsules

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Devil's Claw Plus Hundred Flowers Food Supplement

Harpagophytum procumbens (root) powder 240 mg
Harpagophytum procumbens (root) dry extract 160 mg (1.5% harpagoside)

The plus line is made by mixing the powder with the dry extract of the same plant. Dry extracts are powdery preparations, more or less agglomerated, obtained by total evaporation of the extractive liquids. Originally they are always liquid preparations (fluid extracts) or of intermediate consistency (soft extracts) since a solvent (usually the appropriate title acool) is used to facilitate the extraction of the active ingredients from the drug. Obviously the type of solvent used and the processing technique to favor the concentration of the contained substances varies from plant to plant. What remains fundamental is the guarantee of the concentration which must be carried out with suitable processes, generally at reduced pressure and at a temperature at which the deterioration of the active ingredients is minimal. The titrated dry extracts are brought to the prescribed title by means of appropriate inert substances (A. Bruni: General and applied pharmacognosy, Ed Piccin).

Surely this extractive form offers a series of advantages that cannot be forgotten by those who work in the field of phytotherapy

  • The hygroscopicity is greater than that offered by the powders. In fact, extraction with a solvent and subsequent evaporation of the same (forced removal), makes the product more hygroscopic since there is almost no trace of the water.
  • The concentration of some substances considered essential to act on the target organs.
  • The stability of this extractive form which confers safety on the product itself.
  • The best bio - availability, guaranteed by the type of extraction that has excluded those non-active substances or that can slow down absorption.
  • The precision in the dosage during the intake phase.

Since we are aware that every "pushed" processing of officinal plants also has disadvantages, we want to list them also indicating how we got out of them

  • Depletion of the phytocomplex that we compensate by adding the powder of the same plant.
  • The high concentration of the active ingredient leads to its isolation and purification.

At this point we enter the field of pharmacology, leaving the purely herbal one. With regard to the phenomenon that is described as the "race for super - extracts", we are protecting ourselves by choosing dry extracts on an appropriate but not exaggerated basis. To guarantee the quality of our dry extracts, we have relied for years on suppliers who provide us with analysis of the active ingredients contained, micro - biological analyzes, residues of pesticides, heavy metals and extraction solvents. Furthermore, we periodically subject these raw materials to further checks in highly qualified laboratories. This is to offer maximum safety with respect to the presence of residues of the solvents used and aflatoxins (which can be installed not only for bad processing but also for inappropriate storage).


Promotes the well-being of the joints


Do not exceed the recommended dose for daily intake. The product should be used as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of children under the age of three.


Pillbox of 100 capsules.