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  • Barésun Spf50 + Eau Thermale 2x50ml -26%

Barésun Spf50 + Eau Thermale 2x50ml

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Bariésun Spf50 + Eau Thermale Sun Cream And Moisturizing Thermal Water

Uriage Bariésun Cream SPF 50+

Thanks to a very effective filter system, this cream allows a very high protection against UVA, UVB and free radicals, while preventing skin dehydration. Its light, non-greasy texture guarantees a pleasant sensation that is renewed with each application. High safety, excellent tolerability and rapid absorption.

How to use

Before exposing yourself to the sun, apply a generous and homogeneous dose to cover all exposed areas. Renew the application frequently, especially after swimming, sports or intense sweating. Even if well protected, minimize exposure. Do not directly expose infants and young children.

Active principles

Uriage Thermal Water
New anti-UVA / UVB filtering complex
Vitamins C and E
Perfume - Hypoallergenic - Non comedogenic


External use. Apply before sun exposure in the right amount on the whole body. A small amount could significantly reduce the level of protection. Reapply often, especially after getting wet, sweating, or using a towel. Do not expose small children to direct sunlight. Do not stay exposed to the sun for too long: excessive exposure poses a serious health risk. After application, wait for the sunscreen to dry before dressing to prevent possible stains on fabrics.

Uriage Eau Thermale

Thermal water to be used daily, rich in trace elements and mineral salts. Moisturizing thermal water thanks to its concentration of mineral salts very similar to that of the skin's NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor). Calms redness, irritation, erythema, minor surgery, itching, sunburn, shaving problems. Thanks to its properties able to fight free radicals. Due to its film-forming properties, it leaves the skin soft and velvety. Without preservatives and without perfume.

How to use

Spray directly whenever you feel the need. Leave to act, without drying or blotting.


100% Uriage thermal water.


Bariésun Sun Cream 50ml + Eau Thermale 50ml.