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  • Gyno-Canesbalance Bayer Vaginal Gel 7 Vials -34%

Gyno-Canesbalance Bayer Vaginal Gel 7 Vials

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  • Brand:BAYER SpA
  • Product Code: 971089192
  • EAN: 8000560990379
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Gyno-Canesbalance Gel For Bacterial Vaginosis Bayer


Gyno-Canesbalance gel for bacterial vaginosis is a triple action treatment that alleviates the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis infection after 7 days of application. It helps regulate the pH balance so as to eliminate unpleasant odors and abnormal secretions, limits the development of harmful bacteria and supports beneficial bacteria (lactobacillus). The product is contained practical and hygienic tubes that make it easy to use.

If you regularly use Gyno-Canesbalance gel for bacterial vaginosis, you will also facilitate the prevention of bacterial vaginosis in the future.



It is a CE 0344 medical device
Read the warnings or instructions for use carefully
Authorization of 30/07/2019



Pack of 7 disposable hygienic applicator vials for indoor use